Pinterest Craze & 2020 Silver Lining: The Cloffice

Posted by on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 at 3:04pm

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Without a doubt, 2020 was a hard year. We are all very keenly aware of the unprecedented challenges, losses, and grief. Yet, even 2020 had so many silver linings. Personally, our family grew as our daughter was born and we were grateful for the extra time spent bonding with her and as a family. Nationally, communities rallied together by banging pots and pans outside of their windows in support of frontline workers. There were some beautiful moments.


There was also innovation. Gig jobs such as food and grocery deliveries boomed. Grocery stores (and their shoppers) learned the incredible value of curbside pickup. So many companies learned that their employees really could work from home and found ways to make it happen. In the midst of making it happen, we stumbled across one of the latest Pinterest crazes -- "The Cloffice"

It's Simple: Closet + Office = Cloffice

We all started working from home and quickly started to realize our space may not have been ideal as an office. The kitchen table, bed, and couch only worked for so long ... then, it was time for a change. So you started to wonder how much you really needed all the space in your closet. I mean, seriously, when your primary wardrobe switched to pajamas, yoga pants, and sweats, what became the most important purpose for that closet space?! That's right -- NEW OFFICE SPACE! 

What is your cloffice style? Have you created one of your own? Pinned all of your cloffice dreams on a Pinterest board? My board is HERE for your viewing and pinning pleasure. While you're there, remember to follow me (@JenniferLemusRealEstate) for the latest in home and decorating trends! 

With no end in sight to working from home, having your own workspace is crucial. The creativity of the cloffice is never-ending. Some people are simply using their reach-in and walk-in closets while others are literally making an entire room into their dream closet and workspace. Where do you fall on the spectrum? Do you love it? Leave it? I would love to see photos if you have decided to create your own cloffice. On the other hand, if you decide the cloffice is out and you simply need a new home with more space ... including an office, I can help with that!

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