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Haunted House Statistics 

  •          44% of Americans believe they’ve lived in a haunted house.
  •          Though ghosts are frightening, other aspects of homeownership are even scarier, including mold (57%), foundation issues (56%), termites (54%), asbestos (54%), and water damage (54%).
  •          Americans also fear floods (54%), fires (49%), and other safety hazards, yet many lack basic safety features in their home. For example, 66% don’t have a radon detector, 45% lack an alarm system, 40% don’t have a carbon monoxide detector, 38% lack a fire extinguisher, and 29% don’t have smoke detectors.
  •          In a competitive real estate market, 73% of Americans say they’d consider purchasing a haunted house — but 52% wouldn’t pay full market value.
  •          Nearly half of Americans (48%) would rather purchase a haunted house than live within one mile of a waste management facility.   
  •   Americans would rather live with ghosts than near the scene of a violent crime (47%), a former meth lab (45%), or within one mile of a prison (44%), among others.
  •          Americans are most likely to consider purchasing a haunted house if it has a lower sale price (63%), is in a safer neighborhood (57%), or has friendly ghosts (53%).
  •          Many Americans plan to return to pre-pandemic Halloween festivities including handing out candy (46%), attending an event such as a haunted house or corn maze (36%), attending a party (33%), or hosting a party (30%).
  •          76% of parents plan to let their children trick-or-treat this year, compared to just 60% during the first Halloween during the pandemic.
  •          Despite the highly contagious Delta variant of the virus, approximately 1 in 8 Americans (13%) won’t be taking any special precautions this Halloween.

Nearly Half of Americans Believe They’ve Lived in a Haunted House

As 71% of workers with remote-friendly jobs now work from home all or most of the time, Americans spend more time than ever within their houses — where they may be better-positioned to observe supernatural events that would otherwise occur without their knowledge. 

Almost two years into the pandemic, nearly half of our respondents (44%) say they’ve lived in a haunted house — a significant leap from 2020, when just 24% of Americans said they had experienced a haunting. 

An additional 14% say they’re unsure, leaving open the possibility of otherworldly explanations for their experiences. 

Americans are more likely to believe they’ve lived in a haunted house if they already believe in the supernatural (53%) — a group that overlaps with the 48% of millennials who say they’ve shared a home with ghosts. Only about one in five boomers (18%) also believe they’ve lived in a haunted house. 

Of those who reported living in a haunted house, 63% say they were aware of the haunting before moving in — and still chose to live there. 

Evidence of a haunting varied widely among respondents, from odd sightings to creepy sensations: 

  •          Strange noises (64%)
  •          Feelings of being touched or watched (60%)
  •          Strange shadows around the home (59%)
  •          Ghost sightings (56%)
  •          Cold or hot spots in the home (55%)
  •          Certain rooms with an eerie or haunted feeling (54%)
  •          Objects moving or levitating on their own (50%)
  •          Previous owners disclosed the haunting (48%)

Though some of these may have rational explanations, such as a malfunctioning air conditioner or groaning pipes, our respondents are convinced that ghosts are to blame. 


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